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  • VeshchThis trilingual publication Veshch-Gegenstand-Objet was a collaboration between Russian artists El Lissitzky, who designed the striking cover, and Ilya Ehrenburg. Lissitzky had come to Berlin the previous year as representative of new Russian art and culture, and Veshch' begins by celebrating the renewed cultural contacts between Russia and the west after the years of war and revolution. The journal's manifesto goes on to explain that the name (meaning 'object') was chosen because, 'for us, art is nothing other than the creation of new "objects"'. The journal championed Constructivist and Suprematist works but was short lived - only one other issue was published. The Berlin publisher, Skythen Verlag, specialised in Russian publications - Berlin had a population of over half a million Russians in 1923.

Label 233 of Breaking the Rules, exhbition by the British Library. Courtesy British Library, Stephen Bury (2008)

Cover N° 1-2 (1922) [Collection New York Public Library]


  • Veshch-Gegenstand-Objet
    Subtitle Mezhdunarodnoe obozrenie sovremennogo iskusstva = Internationale Rundschau der Kunst der Gegenwart = Revue internationale de l'art moderne
    N° 1 (March 1922) - N° 3 (1922)
    Edited by El Lissitzky and Ilya Ehrenburg; published by Skythen Verlag, Berlin
    31.3 × 23.5 cm
  • contributors
    Victor Shklovsky, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Boris Pasternak, Sergey Esenin, Aleksandr Kusikov, Nikolay Punin, Igor Glebov (Gleboff), Valentin Parnakh, Charles Vildrac, Iwan Goll, Jules Romains, Gino Severini, Albert Gleize, Teo van Doesburg, Fernand Leger, Jacques Lipchitz, Gino Severini, Le Corbusier, et al. Illustrations: Albert Gleize, Teo van Doesburg, Fernand Leger, Jacques Lipchitz, Richard Eggerling, and others. Cover design by El Lissitzky.


  • [printed] Reprinted by Lars Müller Verlag (Baden 1993). The reprint is accompanied by an additional volume of commentary on the history and contents of the magazine, and includes an English and German translation of the text.
  • [printed] Reprinted by Princeton Architectural Press (1996).

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