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A Tett n° 2 (November 1915) [Europeana]


  • A Tett
    N° 1 (November 1915) - (1916)
    Edited by Lajos Kassák; published in Budapest.
  • index
    An index to A Tett is compiled by Ilona Illés and published online (Hungarian)


secondary literature

  • Eva Forgacs and Tyrus Miller
    'The avant-garde in Budapest and in exile in Vienna: A Tett (1915-6), Ma (Budapest 1916-9; Vienna 1920-6), Egység (1922-4), Akasztott Ember (1922), 2 x 2 (1922), Ék (1923-4), Is (1924), 365 (1925), Dokumentum (1926-7), RIMunka (1928-39)', in The Oxford Critical and Cultural History of Modernist Magazines. Volume III: Europe 1880-1940 / edited by Peter Brooker, Sascha Bru, Andrew Thacker, and Christian Weikop (Oxford University Press : Oxford etc. 2013).
  • Ilona Illés (ed.)
    Hungarian Avant-Garde. Index of the Periodicals published by Lajos Kassak 'A Tett' (1915-1916), 'Ma' (1916-1925) '2X2' (1922) (Petofi Irodalmi Müzeum : Budapest 1975). Published online (Hungarian)
  • S.A. Mansbach
    'Confrontation and Accommodation in the Hungarian Avant-Garde', in Art Journal 49, No. 1, From Leningrad to Ljubljana: The Suppressed Avant-Gardes of East-Central and Eastern Europe during the Early Twentieth Century (Spring 1990) 9-20. [Stable URL:]