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  • Der Sturm The first and most influential journal of German Expressionism, Der Sturm (1919-1932) was international in outlook and was the first journal to present many new foreign movements, artists and literature to a German public. Although it featured work by all major writers and artists of the period as well as many now forgotten, it was very much the creation of one man, Herwarth Walden. He not only edited and published the journal, but made Der Sturm into an avant-garde brand, with Sturm-sponsored literary evenings and travelling exhibitions, a Sturm gallery and theatre, and Sturm books.

Label 237 of Breaking the Rules, exhbition by the British Library. Courtesy British Library, Stephen Bury (2008)

Cover N° 146/147 (February 1913) [Collection Blue Mountain Project, Princeton University]


  • Der Sturm
    Subtitle Wochenschrift für Kultur und die Künste; subtitle changed to [Later} Halbmonatsschrift für Kultur und die Künste
    1 (1910/11) - 32 (1932)
    Edited by Herwarth Walden; published by Verlag Der Sturm, Berlin-Halensee
    37 × 29 cm; 30 × 22 cm; 25 × 19 cm
    special number:
    • 'La vraie jeune France', editor Tristan Tzara.
  • Dada Global 47-49.
  • index
    Index in Index Expressionismus. Bibliographie der Beiträge in den Zeitschriften und Jahrbüchern des literarischen Expressionismus 1910–1925. Bd. 11 = Serie C: Index nach Zeitschriften, Teil 2 / hrsg. Paul Raabe (Nendeln 1972) 657-1000: inhaltsanalytische Bibliographie der Zeitschrift Der Sturm.
  • contributors
    Among the literary contributors were Peter Altenberg, Max Brod, Richard Dehmel, Anatole France, Knut Hamsun, Arno Holz, Karl Kraus, Selma Lagerlöf, Adolf Loos, Heinrich Mann, Paul Scheerbart, René Schickele. Der Sturm consisted of pieces such as expressionistic dramas (i.e. from Hermann Essig and August Stramm), artistic portfolios (Oskar Kokoschka), essays from artists (the Kandinsky Album), and theoretical writings on art from Herwarth Walden.


  • [printed] Reprinted by Kraus reprint (Nendeln 1970-1978).

secondary literature

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