DADA & Modernist Magazines


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  • Sirius
    Subtitle Monatsschrift für Literatur und Kunst
    N° 1 (October 1915) - N° 8 (May 1916)
    Edited by Walter Serner; published by Julius Heuberger, Zürich
  • Continues Der Mistral
  • bibliographic references
    An extensive bibliographic description and contents of number 1917-1918 can be found in Hans Bolliger a.o. (Hrsg.), Dada in Zürich. Sammlungsheft 11 Kunsthaus Zürich (Arche Verlag : Zürich 1994) 229-232 [catalogue numbers 93-97].
  • contributors
    Walter Serner, Max Herrmann-Neisse and others.
  • Graphic contributions by Christian Schad.


  • [online] German Literary Expressionism Online. Journals, Yearbooks, Collections, Anthologies. Edited by Paul Raabe (W. de Gruyter : Berlin, New York 2008). Consult the brochure with the complete list [pdf].

  • [printed] Reprinted by Kraus Reprint (Nendeln 1969).

secondary literature

  • Debbie Lewer
    'The avant-garde in Swiss exile 1914-20: Der Mistral (1915), Sirius (1915-16), Cabaret Voltaire (1916), Dada (1917-19), 391 (No. 8, 1918), Der Zeltweg (1919), Almanach der Freien Zeitung (1918)', in The Oxford Critical and Cultural History of Modernist Magazines. Volume III: Europe 1880-1940 / edited by Peter Brooker, Sascha Bru, Andrew Thacker, and Christian Weikop (Oxford University Press : Oxford etc. 2013) 1032-1056.