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  • Secession
    Secession was published in various cities throughout Europe - Vienna, Berlin, Reutte (Tyrol) and Florence - before settling down in New York. Set up as a rival to, and repudiation of, Broom, it took a pro-Dada stance in its first issue, with work from Louis Aragon (excerpts from 'Les aventures de Télémaque'), Tristan Tzara ('Unpublished Fragment from Mr. AA the Antiphilosopher', and a poem 'instant note brother'), and a bracing critical salute to the Parisian Dadaists by Josephson (who had done all of the translations, under the nom de plume 'Will Bray'). It was eventually Broom that took up the Dada cause, as Munson and Josephson fell out, and the two magazines in effect switched positions.
    ars libri catalogue 134
    Cover N° 1 (Spring 1922) [Collection Blue Mountain Project, Princeton University]
  • Secession
    N° 1 (Spring 1922) - N° 8 (April 1924)
    Edited by Gorham B. Munson (together with Matthew Josephson and Kenneth Burke, at various junctures)
    Published in Vienna, Berlin, New York, Florence and Reutte (Tyrol)
    23 × 14.2 cm; 24.4 × 16.5 cm
  • main contributors
  • Louis Aragon, Hans Arp, Slater Brown, Robert Coates, Malcolm Cowley, Hart Crane, e.e. cummings, Waldo Frank, Marianne Moore, Philippe Soupault, Wallace Stevens, Jean Toomer, Tristan Tzara, Glenway Wescott, John Brooks Wheelwright, and William Carlos Williams.
  • [online] Blue Mountain Project. Available: 1922 - 1924 (7 issues).
  • [online] On the initiative of Daniel Snelson (Jacket 2 - Reissues) Secession is made available online (all issues).
  • [anthology] Gardening with Brains. Eine Anthologie New Yorker Avantgarde-Zeitschriften der 1910-1920er Jahre : The Little Review, Camera Work, The Soil ... / Katja Gödde, Stephan Hoffmann, Robert Lößl ... Berliner Beiträge zur Amerikanistik, Band 5 (John-F.-Kennedy-Institut : Berlin 1996) 429-465 [Contents].
  • Erica Bahls
    'Collaboration and Camaraderie: Broom, Secession, and the "Youngest Generation"', in ELM: A Journal of Undergraduate Research 1, No. 1 (Fall 2004) [online] (14/02/2008); available at <http://www.davidson.edu/academic/english/little_magazines/journal/essays/bahls_collaboration__camaraderie.pdf> [lost 5 July 2013].
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