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cover Schammade Eager to become a part of the Dada movement, Max Ernst and Johannes Theodor Baargeld produced Die Schammade with the help of Hans Arp in Cologne in April 1920. Only one issue was published. Baargeld's father, a wealthy local business man, funded the publication. The title is a neologism that has been interpreted in many ways, an ambiguity no doubt intended by Ernst. Die Schammade includes declarations and essays by Ernst and Baargeld, Hans Arp, Walter Serner and Richard Huelsenbeck, as well as poems by Francis Picabia, Louis Aragon, André Breton and Tristan Tzara, including 'Proclamation sans Prétention' and 'Bulletin'.

The images in this Cologne publication reflect the international scope of the Dada movement after the war. On the cover is an abstract, organically shaped woodcut by Hans Arp. Inside is a mechanical drawing by Angelika Hoerle tyhat resembles contemporary works by Ernst and Giorgio de Chirico. A photograph shows Baargeld's Anthropophile Tapeworm, which combines found objects such as a frying pan, springs and a bell mounted on a piece of wood. The only image from outside Cologne is Picabia's line drawing made up of vaguely mechanical parts, entitled Round Eye [...]

Emily Hage, 'Die Schammade', in The Dada reader. A critical anthology / edited by Dawn Ades (Tate Publishing : London 2006) 234.

Title page in Die Schammade [Collection New York Public Library]


  • Die Schammade
    Subtitle (Dilettanten erhebt euch!)
    N° 1 (1920). Only one issue published
    Edited by Max Ernst and Johannes Theodor Baargeld; published by Schloemilch Verlag, Köln
    [32 p.] (32.5 × 25 cm)
  • Dada Global 131.
  • contributors
    Aragon, Hans Arp, André Breton, Paul Eluard, Angelika Hoerle, Heinrich Hoerle, Richard Huelsenbeck, Francis Picabia, Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes, Walter Serner, Philippe Soupault, Tristan Tzara.


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  • [printed] Reprinted in DADA Zeitschriften Reprint (Edition Nautilus, Verlag Schulenburg : Hamburg 1978). Reprints include Prospekt des Verlags freie Straße [Club Dada], Der Zeltweg, Verlag Mouvement Dada, Cabaret Voltaire, Bulletin D, Der Dada, Der Dada Nr. 2, Der Dada 3 Malik Verlag, Dada Sinn der Welt, Dadameter [= die schammade], Calendrier 20.
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