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cover Rongwrong In addition to The Blind Man Duchamp also launched another short-lived magazine, the single issue of Rongwrong. He designed the cover, which included a photograph of a matchbook with a picture on the front of two dogs. Duchamp intended the title of the magazine to be Wrongwrong, but a printing error transformed it into Rongwrong. Only one issue was ever published. To avoid divisive competition the Arensberg's circle held a chess match to decide which of their publications would represent the group and cater to their small audience. Picabia won, Pierre Roché lost. 391 became the main publication of Dada in New York, and Rongwrong ceased to exist.


n° 1 (July 1917) [toutfait]


  • Rongwrong
    n° 1 (July 1917). Only one issue published
    Edited by Marcel Duchamp, Henri Pierre Roché and Beatrice Wood
    Published in New York
    28 × 20.3 cm


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