DADA & Modernist Magazines


no image available The Ridgefield Gazook was a four-page hand-drawn newsletter, written and edited by Man Ray, who was working out of Ridgefield NJ, an artist's colony. It consisted of four pages of graphics, puns and illustrations. Only a single number (Number 0) appeared, dated March 31, 1915.


  • The Ridgefield Gazook
    Subtitle We are not Neutral
    N° 0 (March 31, 1915)
    Edited by Man Ray; published in Ridgefield
    19 × 12 cm
  • contributors
    Man Ray, Adolf Wolff.


  • [printed] Reprinted in 'Dada americano', in Documenti e periodici Dada / a cura di Arturo Schwarz. Collezione di ristampe anastatiche diretta da Massimo Carra e Giorgio de Marchis (Gabriele Mazzotta : Milano 1970). The reprint includes Blindman 2, New York Dada, Watch Your Step, The Ridgefield Gazook and Rongwrong.

secondary literature

  • David Hopkins
    'Proto-Dada. The New York connection: The Ridgefield Gazook (1915), The Blind Man (1917), Rongwrong (1917), 391 (1917), TNT (1919), New York Dada (1921)', in The Oxford Critical and Cultural History of Modernist Magazines. Volume III: Europe 1880 - 1940 / edited by Peter Brooker, Sascha Bru, Andrew Thacker, and Christian Weikop (Oxford University Press : Oxford etc. 2013) 160-179.