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cover Noi Noi, an international review of avant-garde art, was published in Rome between 1917 and 1925. Founded, edited, and designed by Enrico Prampolini, its coverage included all the major avant-garde movements of the period and contributors ranged from the Futurists and De Chirico to Tristan Tzara, Pierre Reverdy, Stravinsky, and Lord Berners. This special issue is dedicated to the work of Balla, Depero, and Prampolini who, in 1925, represented Italy at the international Art Deco exhibition in Paris. This illustration shows an architectural model for a 'Magnetic theatre' by Prampolini whose abstract stage designs won him the Grand Prix d'art théatral.

Label 203 of Breaking the Rules, exhbition by the British Library. Courtesy British Library, Stephen Bury (2008)

N° 1 (1917) [collection unknown]


  • Noi
    Subtitle Raccolta Internazionale d'arte avanguardia; also subtitled Revista d'arte futurista
    Anno 1 (June 1917) N° 1 - N° 10-11-12 (1925)
    Edited by Bino Sanminiatelli, Enrico Prampolini; published in Rome
    34 × 23.5 cm
  • contributors
    Enrico Prampolini, Marcel Janco, Vittorio Orazi, Gino Severini, Pierre Réverdy, Tristan Tzara and others.


  • [printed] Reprinted by Studio per Edizioni Scelte (Firenze 1974); includes 'Nota critica e Indice' by Bernardina Sani.

secondary literature

  • Emily Hage
    New York and European Dada Art Journals, 1916-1926: International Venues of Exchange (S.l. : s.n. 2005) 95-109.