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cover Merz Kurt Schwitters produced twenty-five issues of Merz between 1923 and 1932. This journal reflects Schwitters's negotiation of dada and Constructivism and his determination to develop and disseminate his single-member movement, 'Merz'. Although the only images in Merz by Dadaists are two drawings by Hannah Höch and Francis Picabia, the texts in the first two years of the publication feature many contributions from Dadaists and Dada enthusiasts. The primary descriptions of the Dada movement are an interview with Tristan Tzara and a two-part essay, 'Dadaism', by I.K. Bonset, pseudonym of Theo van Doesburg. Other Dada texts include those by Picabia, Raoul Hausmann, Philippe Soupault, Paul Eluard, Walter Serner and Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes. Merz also highlights Russian Constructivist's innovations in architecture and painting with contributions such as a photograph of El Lissitzky's 'Proun (City)' and a drawing of Vladimir Tatlin's Monument to the Third International.In addition, Merz showcases many of Schwitters' 'Merz Pictures' [...]

Emily Hage, 'Merz', in The Dada Reader. A Critical Anthology / edited by Dawn Ades (Tate Publishing : London 2006) 286.

N° 2 (April 1923) [collection International Dada Archive, Iowa]


  • Merz
    N° 1 (January 1923) - N° 24 (1932). 21 numbers (numbered 1-24; nos. 10, 22-23 never published)
    Edited by Kurt Schwitters; published by Merzverlag, Hannover
    Varying formats
    Special Numbers:
    • 1 (January 1923) Holland Dada
      2 (April 1923) Nummer i
      3 6 Lithos auf den Stein gemerzt
      4 (July 1923) Banalitäten
      6 (October 1923) Imitatoren watch step! Arp 1: Propaganda und Arp
      7 (January 1924) Tapsheft
      8/9 (April-July 1924) Nasci
      11 Typo Reklame. Pelikan-Nummer
      12 Hahnpeter
      13 Merz-Grammaphonplatte [sound recording]
      14/15 Die Scheuche
      16/17 (1925) Die Märchen vom Paradies
      18/19 (January-April 1926) Neue Architektur
      20 (1927) Kurt Schwitters Katalog
      21 (1931) Erstes Veilchenheft
      24 Ursonate
    • Issues 10, 22-23 never published. Issue 7-8/9 called also Bd. 2, Nr. 7-8/9.
  • Dada Global 108-119.


  • [printed] No. 18/19 reprinted in Neue Architektur (Herbert Lang & Cie. : s.l. 1975).

  • [anthology] 'Merz', in The Dada Reader. A Critical Anthology / edited by Dawn Ades (Tate Publishing : London 2006) 288-304.

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