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  • cover Jedermann sein eigner Fussball Jedermann sein eigner Fussball was an illustrated (bimonthly) satirical periodical published by Malik Verlag. The first issue in tabloid format appeared on February 15, 1919, and was confiscated immediately on publication by the police. It includes two photomontages by John Heartfield ('Deutsche Mannesschönheit 1') on the front cover and six line drawings by George Grosz. A column on the back page entitled 'Die Latrine', teasingly asked An die Laterne if it could spare a cartoonist, featuring Grosz' drawing of a toilet surrounded by statements that ridiculed the Social Democratic government, Kurt Hiller's Rat Geistiger Arbeiter, and Max Pechstein. The idea for the column may have been taken from the Werbedienst publication, the fifth issue of which had included a drawing by 'Florian' entitled Die Sensationspresse [which depicted an editor siphoning a toilet's contents and spraying press articles out of a hose]. Jedermann sein eigner Fussball turned this image against the government by including An die Laterne among the publications ridiculed and consigning it "An die Latrine."
  • This issue was published a few weeks after the revolt in Berlin had been surpressed by Gustav Noske's Free Corps and Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg were murdered. Jedermann sein eigner Fussball shows Berlin Dada in its most radical political phase. Disregarding the pressure, Herzfelde, Heartfield, and Grosz produced a new issue in March 1919, under a new title, Die Pleite.


  • Jedermann sein eigner Fussball
    Subtitle Illustrierte Halbmonatsschrift
    1. Jahrgang, N° 1 (15 February 1919). Only one issue published
    Edited by Wieland Herzfelde; published by Malik Verlag, Berlin/Leipzig
    43 × 29 cm
  • Dada Global 28.
  • contents
    Table of contents in Dawn Ades, Dada and surrealism reviewed / with an introduction by David Sylvester and a supplementary essay by Elizabeth Cowling (Arts Council of Great Britain : London 1978).
  • contributors
    Texts by Wieland Herzfelde, Walter Mehring, Mynona; other contributors include Richard Huelsenbeck, Erwin Piscator, Karl Nierendorf, and J.H. Kuhlemann.


  • [online] German Literary Expressionism Online. Journals, Yearbooks, Collections, Anthologies. Edited by Paul Raabe (W. de Gruyter : Berlin, New York 2008). Consult the brochure with the complete list [pdf].

  • [printed] Reprinted by Kraus Reprint (Nendeln 1977).
  • [printed] Reprinted (with Die Pleite) by Zentralantiquariat der Deutschen Demokratischen (Leipzig 1983).

secondary literature

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