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  • cover G. Material zur elementaren Gestaltung Although not a Dada magazine, G is an interesting example of the cross-fertilisation of Dada and Constructivism in the early 1920s, often overlooked in favour of the Surrealist legacy of Paris Dada. G's editor, hans Richter, had been a member of Zurich Dada and many of his former associates appear in its paged. The Russian Constructivist El Lissitzky, who had earlier produced his own review Veshch-Objet-Gegenstand (1922-23), and was on the editorial board of the first issue, had also collaborated with Kurt Schwitters on Merz N°s 8-9 (1924). Subsequently the architects Mies van der Rohe and Kiesler joined Richter as editors.
  • G's first two issues consisted of a large folded sheet with just four pages, but from June 1924 it became a more conventional magazine. The first rubric changed, with the third issue, from Material zur elementaren Gestaltung (Material for Elementary Construction) to Zeitschrift für elementare Gestaltung (Journal for Elementary Construction). International in outlook, the magazine was primarily interested in modern constructive form, including buildings, aeroplanes, cars and town planning, and it drew into its orbit film and photomontage [...]
    Dawn Ades, 'G', in The Dada Reader. A Critical Anthology / edited by Dawn Ades (Tate Publishing : London 2006) 306.
    N° 4 (March 1926) [source: Monoskop]


  • G
    Subtitle Material zur elementaren Gestaltung (N° 1-2); later Zeitschrift für elementaren Gestaltung (N° 3 onwards)
    N° 1 (July 1923) - N° 5/6 (1926)
    Edited by Hans Richter, together with Werner Graeff, El Lissitsky, Mies van der Rohe and Friedrich Kiesler; published by Hans Richter, Berlin.
  • contributors
    Theo van Doesburg, Ludwig Hilbersheimer, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Raoul Hausmann, El Lissitzky, Hans Arp, Kurt Schwitters, Piet Mondriaan, Viking Eggeling, Naum Gabo, Antoine Pevsner, Ernst Schön, George Grosz, John Heartfield, Tristan Tzara and Man Ray.


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