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  • cover Die Freude
    N° 1 (1920) [source: International Dada Archive]


  • Die Freude
    Subtitle: Blätter einer neuen Gesinnung
    N° 1 (1920). Only 1 issue published
    Edited by Wilhelm Uhde; published by Die Freude, Burg Lauenstein/Oberfranken
    159 pp. : 57 illus. ( × cm)
    Edition 1500 copies.
  • contributors
    Yvan Goll, Martin Buber, Kahnweiler, Klabund, Fr. Jammes, Paul Claudel, Ahlers-Hestermann, Jammes, H.von Keyserling, Muschler, Fr. Schnack, Ssologub, Wilhelm Uhde and others. Illustrations by Braque, Marc Chagall, Johannes Itten, Paul Klee, August Macke, Pablo Picasso, Purrmann, Rousseau, Thoma and others.


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  • [online] German Literary Expressionism Online. Journals, Yearbooks, Collections, Anthologies. Edited by Paul Raabe (W. de Gruyter : Berlin, New York 2008). Consult the brochure with the complete list [pdf].

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