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  • cover Derc Dada 3 As the main organ of the Dadaists in Berlin, Der Dada articulated many of the group's political and artistic convictions. It also served as a venue for some of its members first experiments with typography and collage. Raoul Hausmann edited Der Dada 1 in June 1919. Der Dada 2 in September 1919 and Der Dada 3, published by Der Malik Verlag, in April 1920, with George Grosz and John Heartfield. While Der Dada 1 is illustrated primarily with abstract woodcuts by Hausmann, the second and the third issues feature some of the Berlin Dadaists' first collages, or 'glued pictures'. The cover of Der Dada 2, for example, presentsa collage by Hausmann, made up of cut-outs from publications of his own writings, making it a self-portrait of sorts. Johannes Baader's collage, The Vision of the Big Dada in the Clouds of Heaven, shows a photographof the artist surrounded by letters, words and excerpts from newspapers and Dada ephemera [...]
  • Der Dada features many long essays in which the Berlin Dadaists promote themselves using language borrowed from advertising, war propaganda, as well as bureaucratic and religious institutions. Each issue of Der Dada is peppered with satirical and even perverse statements. Many of them are signed by the ' Central Office of Dadaism', reflecting the Berlin Dadaists' sense of independence from Zurich.
    Emily Hage, 'Der Dada', in The Dada reader. A critical anthology / edited by Dawn Ades (Tate Publishing : London 2006) 82
    N° 3 (April 1920); collection unknown


  • Der Dada
    N° 1 (June 1919) - N° 3 (April 1920)
    Edited by Raoul Hausmann (N° 1-2); Groszfield, Hearthaus, Georgemann [= Hausmann, Heartfield, Grosz] (N° 3); published by Raoul Hausmann (N° 1-2) and Malik Verlag, Berlin (N° 3)
    24-28 cm
  • Dada Global 41-43.
  • contributors
    Texts by Johannes Baader, Erwin Bloomfield, Raoul Hausmann. W. Höch, Richard Huelsenbeck, Jefim Golyscheff, Francis Picabia, Tristan Tzara.
  • Illustrations by Hans Arp, Johannes Baader, George Grosz, Raoul Hausmann, John Heartfield.


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