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dada almanach

  • Dada Almanach

    Dada Almanach (1920) [Collection Kunsthaus Zurich]
  • Dada Almanach
    "Im Auftrag des Zentralamts der deutschen Dada-Bewegung"
    Edited by Richard Huelsenbeck
    Published by Erich Reiss Verlag : Berlin 1920
    160 pp. : 8 illus. ; 18.3 × 13.3 cm
  • Dada Global 68.
  • bibliographic references
  • An extensive bibliographic description and contents of number 1917-1918 can be found in Hans Bolliger a.o. (Hrsg.), Dada in Zürich. Sammlungsheft 11 Kunsthaus Zürich (Arche Verlag : Zürich 1994) 211-212 (catalogue number 86).
  • contributors
  • Mario d'Arezzo, Hans Arp, Johannes Baader, Hugo Ball, Hans Baumann, Paul Citroen (Citroen-Dada), Daimonides, Paul Dermée, Max Goth, Raoul Hausmann, Richard Huelsenbeck, Vincente Huidobro, Adon Lacroix, Walter Mehring, Alexander Partens, Francis Picabia, Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes, Alexander Sesqui, Philippe Soupault, Tristan Tzara
  • [online] Digital Dada Library, International Dada Archive.
  • [online] German Literary Expressionism Online. Journals, Yearbooks, Collections, Anthologies. Edited by Paul Raabe (W. de Gruyter : Berlin, New York 2008). Consult the brochure with the complete list [pdf].
  • [printed] Reprinted in 1966 by Something Else Press, New York.
  • [printed] Reprinted by Edition Nautilus (Hamburg 1980, 1987).
  • [printed] Reprinted an translated in French by Sabine Wolf and Michel Giroud (Editions Cahamps Libre : Paris 1988). Contains important annotations; German (p. 161-310) and French text (p. 1-169). Re-edited in 2005 by Les Presses du réel, Dijon.
  • [printed] Translated in English in The Dada Almanac / edited by Richard Huelsenbeck; English edition presented by Malcolm Green; additional matter edited by Malcolm Green & Alastair Brotchie; translations by Malcolm Green ... [et al] (Atlas Press : London 1998).
  • Catherine Dufour
    'Un projet d’almanach international. Huelsenbeck et Tzara entre Dadaco, Dadaglobe et Dada Almanach', in Dada, circuit total / dossier coordiné par Henri Béhar et Catherine Dufour ; [avec des textes de Daniel Accursi ... et al.]. Les dossiers H (L’Age d’homme : Lausanne 2005) 195-204.
  • Dick Higgins
    'Dada almanach', in Dada / edited by Rudolf E. Kuenzli. Themes and Movements (Phaidon Press : London etc. 2006) 281.
  • Annabelle Türkis
    'Dada Almanach', in Dada (Éditions du Centre Pompidou : Paris 2005) 320.

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