DADA & Modernist Magazines


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  • Bulletin D
    Subtitle Dada-Zeitschriften-Mappe
    (November 1919). Only this issue published [Catalogue for the exhibition in Section D at the Kölner Kunstverein]
    Edited by Johannes Theodor Baargeld and Max Ernst. Printed in Cologne by Druckerei Hertz
    12 pp. : illus. ; 31.4 × 23.5 cm
  • Dada Global 129
  • main contributors
    Johannes Theodor Baargeld, Max Ernst, Otto Freundlich, Angelika Hoerle, Heinrich Hoerle, Anton Räderscheidt, Franz W. Seiwert, Jacob van Hoddis. Illustrations by Max Ernst, Johannes Theodor Baargeld, Franz W. Seiwert, Heinrich Hoerle, Angelika Hoerle, Anton Räderscheidt.


  • [online] German Literary Expressionism Online. Journals, Yearbooks, Collections, Anthologies. Edited by Paul Raabe (W. de Gruyter : Berlin, New York 2008). Consult the brochure with the complete list [pdf].

  • [printed] In Dada-Zeitschriften-Reprint (Edition Nautilus : Hamburg 1978). Includes Prospekt des Verlags freie Straße [Club Dada], Der Zeltweg, Verlag Mouvement Dada, Cabaret Voltaire, Bulletin D, Der Dada, Der Dada Nr. 2, Der Dada 3 Malik Verlag, Dada Sinn der Welt, Dadameter [= Die Schammade], Calendrier 20. Reprinted without the covers.

secondary literature

  • Georges Hugnet
    'Bulletin D', in Dictionnaire du dadaïsme 1916-1922 / Georges Hugnet (Jean Claude Simoën : Paris 1976) 27-28.
  • Lynette Roth
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