DADA & Modernist Magazines


  • cover The Blindman Three little magazines were produced by the French émigrés Marcel Duchamp and Henri-Pierre Roché in New York in 1917, and their role in the scandal of Duchamp's Fountain has ensured their inscription in the history of Dada, though the name was then unknown to the protagonists. Duchamp's close friend Francis Picabia was in New York at the same time and his 391 was also exploring Duchamp's idea of the 'readymade'.
  • The Blindman (its first issue ran the words together in the title) was published in April 1917 by Henri-Pierre Roché with contributions from Mina Loy and Beatrice Wood.
  • [...] The second issue in May of the same year, P.B.T. The Blind Man (the B stood apparently for Beatrice, the T for Totor, Duchamp's nickname) carried the famous statement 'The Richard Mutt Case', which protested the suppression of R. Mutt's Fountain-urinal from the Independents exhibition.
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    n° 1 (April 1917) [Collection Yale University, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library].


  • The Blindman (issue 1); P.B.T. The Blind Man (issue 2)
    n° 1 (April 1917) - n° 2 (May 1917)
    Edited by Henri-Pierre Roché and Beatrice Wood, initiative Marcel Duchamp; published by Henri Pierre Roché, 33 West 67th Street : New York 1917
    8 and 16 pages (28 × 20.5 cm).
  • main contributors
    Henri Pierre Roché, Beatrice Wood, Mina Loy, Marcel Duchamp, Alfred Frueh, Robert Carlton Brown, Erik Satie, Louise Norton, Charles Demuth, Walter Conrad Arensberg, Frank Crowninshield, Francis Picabia, Charles Duncan, Gabrielle Buffet, Francis Simpson Stevens, Allen Norton, Clara Tice, and Alfred Stieglitz.


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