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akasztott ember

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    Important figure in history of Hungarian modernism was Lajos Kassák (1887–1967). In 1915 Kassák started the magazine A Tett. In 1916 the magazine was prohibited by the authorities because of its antimilitarism and internationalism, but Kassák restarted it naming it MA (published in Budapest 1916-1919 and in Vienna 1920-1925). During the Viennese period the group around Kassák collapsed and he enhanced his relation with Dadaism and proletkult and started the magazines Akasztott Ember and Ék.
  • Akasztott Ember
    Subtitle Az egyetemes szocialista kultura orgánuma
    N° 1-2 (November 1922) - N° 5 (February 1923)
    Edited by Lajos Kassák. Published in Vienna
    Continued by Ék.
  • Oliver A.I. Botar
    'From the avant-garde to "proletarian art". The emigre Hungarian journals Egység and Akasztott Ember, 1922-23', in Art Journal 52 (Spring 1993) 34-45. Shortened version of 'From Avant-Garde to "Proletkult" in Hungarian Émigré Politico-Cultural Journals, 1922-1924', in Art and Journals on the Political Front 1910-1940 / edited by Virginia Hagelstein Marquardt (University Press of Florida : Gainesville etc. 1997) 100-141. As 1922 began, the Viennese Hungarian Activists were at the peak of their success. Exiled from Hungary after the collapse of the short-lived Soviet regime of 1919, they gathered in Vienna around the journal Ma [= Today (Budapest, 1916-19; Vienna, 1920-25)], its founder Lajos Kassak and his co-editors and brothers-in-law, the poet Sandor Barta and the artist Bela Uitz. Early in 1922, however, the Activists began to break away from Kassak and Ma, forming contending groups of artists and writers who founded their own journals. May 1922 saw the publication not only of a sumptuous double issue of Ma, but also of the first issue of Egyseg [= Unity (Vienna, 1922; Berlin, 1923-24; Vienna, 1924)], a rival journal co-edited by Uitz.
  • Eva Forgacs and Tyrus Miller
    'The avant-garde in Budapest and in exile in Vienna: A Tett (1915-6), Ma (Budapest 1916-9; Vienna 1920-6), Egység (1922-4), Akasztott Ember (1922), 2 x 2 (1922), Ék (1923-4), Is (1924), 365 (1925), Dokumentum (1926-7), RIMunka (1928-39)', in The Oxford Critical and Cultural History of Modernist Magazines. Volume III: Europe 1880-1940 / edited by Peter Brooker, Sascha Bru, Andrew Thacker, and Christian Weikop (Oxford University Press : Oxford etc. 2013).
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