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archives and collections

  • Raoul Hausmann
    • [archives] Berlinische Galerie, Landesmuseum fuer Moderne Kunst, Photographie und Architektur, Berlin, Künstlerarchive: das Raoul Hausmann Archiv.
    • [publication] Eva Züchner, '"... ich werde also tatsächlich" : das Raoul-Hausmann-Archiv : eine Neuerwerbung', in Museums-Journal 6, issue 3 (July 1992) 75-77 (ill.).
    • [finding aid] Eva Züchner, Wolfgang Erler, e.a., 'Bestandsverzeichnis', in Eva Züchner (Hrsg.), Scharfrichter der bürgerliche Seele. Raoul Hausmann in Berlin, 1900-1930 (Hatje : Ostfildern 1995) 450-503.
    • Raoul Hausmann (18861971) : Werkverzeichnis Biografie Bibliografie / Kurt Bartsch, Ralf Burmeister, Adelheid Koch-Didier, Stefan Schwar. Die Deutsche Literatur (DDL). Reihe VI: Die Deutsche Literatur zwischen 1890 und 1990. Abteilung A: Autorenlexikon (frommann-holzboog Verlag : Stuttgart 2011).
  • Hannah Höch
    • [publication] Hannah Höch. Eine Lebenscollage 1889-1920 / hrsg. Berlinische Galerie, in collaboration with Cornelia Thater-Schulz (Argon : Berlin 1989) 2 vols.
  • Raoul Hausmann Correspondence
    • [archives] The Raoul Hausmann Correspondence at the Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, of ca. 420 letters, with a few manuscripts and clippings, integrates nine individual acquisitions. The letters detail his life in exile and chronicle his professional activities from 1945 to 1971. They highlight his influence on concrete poetry, optophonetic performances, and his defense of and involvement in Dada retrospectives.
    • [finding aid] Inventory of the Raoul Hausmann Correspondence, 1909-1971 / prepared by Scott Wolf (Getty Research Institute 1996).
  • Richard Huelsenbeck
    • [archives] The Richard Huelsenbeck Papers contain manuscripts by Huelsenbeck and Raoul Hausmann, correspondence to and from Huelsenbeck with some photographs, clippings and catalogues, and about 130 letters between other correspondents.
      The archive contains a rich file of letters written to Huelsenbeck from Erich Buchholz (ca. 95 items), George Grosz (ca. 50 items), Raoul Hausmann (ca. 175 items), Hannah Höch (15 items), Marcel Janco (10 items), Hans Richter (ca. 65 items) and Michel Seuphor (ca. 30 items) that date from 1912-1978 (bulk 1950s and 1960s) and contain discussions of current work and reputations, as well as recountings of pre-war Dada activities. The Hausmann file includes about 80 pages of his manuscripts.
      The correspondence between others includes a lengthy file of Hausmann letters. In addition to his letters to Huelsenbeck, there are letters between Hausmann and Kurt Schwitters, 1946-64 (ca. 110 items), Hausmann and Elfriede Stegemeier, 1949-54 (ca. 30 items), Hausmann and Jan Tschichold, 1930 (20 items), and between Hausmann and Augustin Tschinkel, 1949-59 (20 items). There are also 4 letters from 1964 between Tristan Tzara and Werner Schmalenbach.
    • [finding aid] Inventory of the Richard Huelsenbeck Papers, 1910-1978 / prepared by Teresa Morales (Getty Research Institute 1996, revised 2004).
  • Hans J. Kleinschmidt Research Files
    • [archives] The collection Hans J. Kleinschmidt Research Files of assembled material covers the years 1902-1975 but concentrates on the Dada art movement from its inception in 1916 by Richard Huelsenbeck, Hugo Ball and Tristan Tzara, through to the 1940s. The collection begins with Raoul Hausmann manuscripts and letters followed by Richard Huelsenbeck manuscripts and correspondence.
    • [finding aid] Inventory of the Hans J. Kleinschmidt Research Files 1902-1975 / prepared by Rose Lachman (Getty Research Institute 1999).
  • Yves Poupard-Lieussou Correspondence
  • Franz Roh
    • [archives] The Franz Roh Papers consist of letters, postcard, telegrams and other pieces of personal and professional correspondence and a small collection of other writings and manuscripts from the estate of art historian Franz Roh (1890-1965). There are notable collections of letters and manuscripts by Raoul Hausmann and Johannes Baader. These include a seventy-four page typed draft for part of Hausmann's Hyle, an assortment of essays on art and philosophy and other personal papers, as well as a collection of letters written by him to Roh dating from 1946-1965.
    • [finding aid] Inventory of the Franz Roh Papers, 1911-1965 / finding aid prepared by Carl Wuellner (Getty Research Institute 1996).
  • The International Dada Archive has microfilmed the Hausmann papers in Limoges. Other microfilmed collections with substantial material by or about Hausmann are the Hannah-Höch-Nachlass at the Berlinische Galerie, the Schwitters-Archiv at the Stadtbibliothek Hannover and the Michael Erlhoff Collection in Hanover. A large section on Hausmann will be included in a bibliography of Berlin Dada by Timothy Shipe, forthcoming in Dada/Surrealism, no. 19.
  • Collection Prévot
    The 'Fonds Raoul Hausmann' collection kept by Marthe Prévot was acquired by the Musée Départemental d'Art Contemporain, Château de Rochechouart.
    • [finding aid] Adelheid Koch-Didier, "Je suis l'Homme de 5000 paroles et de 10 000 formes" : écrits de Raoul Hausmann et documents annexes / inventaire établie et annoté par Adelheid Koch-Didier avec la collaboration de Stefan Schwar (Musée Départemental de Rochechouart : Rochechouart 1997).
    • [finding aid]
    • Raoul Hausmann (18861971) : Werkverzeichnis Biografie Bibliografie / Kurt Bartsch, Ralf Burmeister, Adelheid Koch-Didier, Stefan Schwar. Die Deutsche Literatur (DDL). Reihe VI: Die Deutsche Literatur zwischen 1890 und 1990. Abteilung A: Autorenlexikon (frommann-holzboog Verlag : Stuttgart 2011).
  • Raoul Hausmann
    • [archives] Österreichisches Literaturarchiv, Bestände : Raoul Hausmann (1886-1971). Contents ÖLA 62/97: Briefe an Vera (und Elisabeth) Hausmann [Zugangsdatum 1997; 1 Mappe].
  • Kurt Schwitters
    • [archives] The Kurt Schwitters Archives in the Sprengel Museum Hannover were set up in 1994 and contain the most comprehensive documentation of the artistic work of Kurt Schwitters (1887-1948). The archives were put together by the artist's son, Ernst Schwitters, and are the source of the oeuvre list being drawn up in the Sprengel Museum Hannover.
  • Eugene and Maria Jolas
    • [archives] In 1989 the Yale University Library, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library acquired the Papers of Eugene (1894-1952) and Maria Jolas (1893-1987). The Papers consist of manuscripts, letters, photographs, and printed materials relating to the work and lives of the two authors, to their publication, Transition magazine, and to their friend, James Joyce.
      The (first) subgroup, the papers of Eugene Jolas, contains his correspondence with such persons as Kay Boyle, Raoul Hausmann, Raymond Queneau, and Jean Wahl.
    • [finding aid] Eugene and Maria Jolas Papers Finding Aid / by Timothy G. Young (April 1993; last updated September 1998).
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